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The Ultimate Rental Bond Clean Checklist: Ensure A Full Refund!

Preparing to leave a rental property can be a daunting task, with various responsibilities such as packing, hiring removalists, managing mail redirection, and returning keys. One crucial aspect often overlooked is bond cleaning Melbourne service, which is essential for bond recovery. Clean to Shine’s rental bond clean checklist aims to guide tenants in restoring the property to its original condition, ensuring a stress-free move and successful bond retrieval. 

Break it down to make it more manageable

Preparing for a bond return cleaning inspection might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Simplify the task by dividing your rental bond clean checklist into smaller, more manageable cleaning checklists. Bond cleaning checklist approach allows you to address each area separately, saving you a lot of hassle. Even if you’re considering a bond cleaning Melbourne service, organising what needs to be done can be incredibly helpful.

Let’s check out the manageable cleaning checklists with bond cleaning tips and tricks.

Top bond cleaning tips and tricks

  • Keep cleaning supplies handy for efficiency.
  • Clean from left to right, back to front, and top to bottom for optimal results.
  • Start with dry cleaning tasks before using damp cloths or mops.
  • Address pet-related mess, clean kennels, tanks, and cages, and fumigate if needed.
  • Dispose of hazardous items your removalists can’t carry.

Exterior Bond Cleaning Tips

  • Clean verandas, patios, BBQs, and outdoor furniture.
  • Remove dust, cobwebs, and pet mess from walls, window sills, and eaves.
  • Maintain the lawn, trim edges, weed gardens, and sweep paths.
  • Clear letterboxes and compost bins and ensure outdoor lighting works.
  • Sweep garage driveway, remove dirt, and clean bins.
  • Hose down the garage door and ensure a working opener is left behind.

Interior Bond Cleaning Tips

  • Clean and empty wardrobes, cupboards, and drawers.
  • Check and clean light fittings switches, and replace faulty bulbs.
  • Wipe window ledges, architraves, skirting boards, and doors.
  • Clean windows, sliding doors, and fly screens inside and out.
  • Clean the air conditioner and vents, and wash/dry the filter.
  • Remove dust cobwebs and clean ceiling fan blades and lights.
  • Clear door and window tracks, clean blinds, and wash curtains.
  • Wipe switches and door hardware and eliminate cigarette odours.
  • Clean the provided furniture and return it to its original position.

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Kitchen Bond Cleaning Tips:

  • Clean oven walls, racks, grills, and trays with a baking soda paste.
  • Remove stove top stains and clean thoroughly.
  • Wash filters, clean the range hood, and ensure the overhead light works.
  • Clean the dishwasher, including rubbers, door, and filter.
  • Clear sink holes, plugs, taps, and wipe stainless steel sinks with mineral oil.
  • Clean garbage disposals with lemon, salt, and ice.
  • Wash countertops, benches, and inside/outside of cupboards.
  • Clean refrigerator and freezer and behind appliances.
  • Clean the extractor fan and ensure it works.

Bathroom & Laundry Bond Cleaning Tips

  • Clean and disinfect baths, showers, screens, basins, and toilets.
  • Use vinegar-soaked bags to clean shower nozzles.
  • Create a baking soda and vinegar paste for glass shower walls and doors.
  • Ensure facilities are free of soap residue and mildew.
  • Dust and polish towel rails toilet roll holders, clean sinks, and taps.
  • Clean mirrors and ceiling fans and remove mould from tiles.

Walls & Floors Bond Cleaning Tips

  • Spot clean scuff marks on walls and use sugar soap for extensive marks.
  • Vacuum and steam clean carpets.
  • Clean sliding door and window tracks, sweep, and mop tiled floors.
  • Clean wall and floor areas behind appliances.

Do carpets require professional Bond cleaning at the lease end?

The need for bond return cleaning carpet cleaning hinges on your lease agreement. Unless professionally cleaning the carpets at the end of your tenancy was agreed upon as part of the lease terms, you’re not obliged to do so. However, be mindful that if the carpets have damage beyond reasonable wear and tear, you might be responsible for professional steam cleaning to secure your bond refund. For a simpler bond cleaning Melbourne experience, download our free rental cleaning checklist.

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