The Ultimate End of Lease Cleaning Checklist for Commercial Tenants

The Ultimate End of Lease Cleaning Checklist for Commercial Tenants

The end of the commercial lease is fast approaching, and the business owner has to ensure the property is spic and span to get that all-important security deposit back. Leaving a commercial space in disarray is not an option, no matter how eager a tenant is to move into new digs. Comprehensive and meticulous cleaning is the only way to pass a final inspection with flying colours. 

End of lease cleaning is an arduous task, but with some elbow grease and this handy checklist in tow, tenants will be greeting their security bond refund in no time. From scrubbing floors to polishing windows and everything in between, our end of lease cleaning Melbourne guide will transform even the dirtiest office or retail space into a pristine paradise. 

The move into a new commercial property can now commence with peace of mind and a little more cash in the bank, thanks to a job well done.

Why is a Thorough End of Lease Clean Essential?

A thorough end of lease clean is essential for any commercial tenant looking to get their full security deposit back.

When a tenant moves out of office space, the landlord or property manager will inspect the property to check for any damage or needed repairs before returning the security deposit. If the space is left dirty or in disrepair, the cost of professional cleaning and repairs can be deducted from the deposit.

To avoid losing hard-earned money, you should do a comprehensive end of lease clean of the office. This means scrubbing floors, walls, windows, and surfaces, cleaning carpets, emptying and wiping down cabinets and drawers, dusting vents and lights, mopping kitchens and bathrooms, and ensuring the space is in the same condition as when the lease began.

A professional commercial cleaning service has the proper tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions to do an end of lease clean thoroughly and efficiently. They are also trained to check and clean areas that tenants often miss, like baseboards, behind furniture, in corners and crevices. 

It may cost a few hundred dollars, but the return of a full deposit, often several thousand dollars, makes it worth the investment.

With a well-executed end of lease clean, tenants can feel confident they left the space in good condition and are entitled to recover their full deposit. A little effort upfront saves time, money, and hassle in the long run. For tenants, a spotless office and a full deposit returned is the perfect ending to their lease.

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The Dos and Don’ts of End of Lease Cleaning

Any commercial tenant knows that end of lease cleaning is crucial to returning your security deposit. There are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind to ensure you’re not hit with extra charges.

The Dos of End of Lease Cleaning

  • Do start cleaning early. Don’t leave it until the last week of your lease. An intensive deep cleaning of an entire office space takes time. Create a comprehensive checklist and schedule to keep things on track.
  • Do focus on the little details. Clean baseboards, vents, fans and lighting fixtures. Vacuum and mop under furniture. Dust and wipe down doors, cabinets and shelving.
  • Do consider hiring professional cleaners. They have the proper tools, training and manpower to clean thoroughly and efficiently. They can also handle tough jobs like carpet steam cleaning, window washing and tile scrubbing.
  • Do take photos when done. Capture the empty, clean space as evidence in case there are disputes over the condition.

The Don’ts of End of Lease Cleaning

  • Don’t forget the common areas. Lobbies, hallways, stairwells, elevators, and bathrooms should be left spotless.
  • Don’t overlook the exterior. Clean outdoor lighting, signs, walkways, and parking lots. Remove all company branding.
  • Don’t leave waste or debris behind. Ensure all trash, recyclables, and hazardous waste have been properly disposed of according to local regulations.
  • Don’t hand over keys without a final walk-through. Double check that everything on the checklist has been completed to satisfaction before officially ending your lease. Better safe than hit with charges!

With some elbow grease and attention to detail, you’ll be well on your way to getting your full security deposit back.

An Itemized Room-by-Room Cleaning Checklist for commercial places

When moving out of commercial space, tenants are typically required to perform an end of lease cleaning Melbourne process to ensure the property is returned in the same condition as when the lease commenced. To get the security bond back, a comprehensive cleaning checklist is essential.

Offices and cubicles

  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces like desks, filing cabinets, shelves, and countertops. Vacuum carpets and mop hard floors.
  • Clean windows, sills, and window tracks. Wipe down doors and door frames.
  • Empty and clean waste paper baskets, recycling bins, and shredder bins.
  • Dust and wipe down computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, photocopiers, and telephones.
  • Spot clean any stains on walls, carpets or other surfaces. Touch up paint where necessary.
  • Check that all office furniture, equipment, keys, access cards, manuals, etc., are accounted for.

Common areas

  • Sweep, mop or vacuum floors like kitchens, break rooms, meeting rooms, and waiting areas. Clean carpets and rugs.
  • Clean kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, kettles, and coffee machines. Wipe down countertops and sinks.
  • Empty recycling and waste bins. Replace bin liners.
  • Dust and wipe seating like chairs, couches, and benches. Vacuum where necessary.
  • Clean lighting fixtures, air vents, skirting boards, and doors, including handles.
  • Check exterior areas like balconies, rooftops, or courtyards are clear of any debris. Sweep and mop where required.


  • Clean toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors, hand dryers, soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers and bins.
  • Mop floors and wipe down walls. Clean any vents or air grills.
  • Ensure there is no graffiti or stickers left behind. Scrub off where necessary.
  • Replenish supplies like toilet rolls, paper towels, bin liners, air fresheners or hand soap where required.

Following this room-by-room checklist and paying attention to the little details will ensure a thorough end of lease clean and the best chance of having your full security bond returned. Leaving the property in pristine condition is the perfect way to end your time there.

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Final Touches and Inspection

To get your full security bond back, the final inspection is crucial. Double-check that everything on the end of lease cleaning Melbourne checklist has been completed to the landlord or property manager’s satisfaction.

Do a Final Walk-Through

Do a final walk-through of the entire office space to ensure all requirements on the end of lease checklist have been met. Look for any remaining debris, spills or stains that need cleaning up. Check that all doors and windows are clean and in working order. Ensure any dents or holes in walls have been repaired.

It’s a good idea for tenants to take photos of the property’s condition as evidence in case of any disputes over the security bond. Multiple pictures from different angles of each room are helpful.

Clean Carpets and Flooring

Carpets and hard flooring like wood or tile should be thoroughly cleaned. For carpeted areas, steam cleaning is typically required. Make sure carpets are vacuumed first to remove loose dirt before steam cleaning. Scrub any remaining stains and consider professional carpet cleaning services for heavily soiled carpets.

Mop and clean any hard flooring. Pay extra attention to entryways where dirt and debris tend to build up. Remove any sticky spots or spills on floors. Cleaning and polishing wood floors will make them shine like new.

Tidy the Exterior

Don’t forget to tidy up the exterior and any outdoor areas of the property. Pick up any loose trash or debris around entrances, exits, parking lots or yards. Sweep entryways and wash down exterior walls if needed. Clean signs and windows so the outside looks as clean as the interior.

A spotless end of lease cleaning and professional inspection will ensure tenants the best chance of receiving their full security bond back. While it requires effort, focusing on the details and final walk-through will provide peace of mind in knowing the commercial property has been left in good condition.

Professional End of Lease Cleaning Services – Are They Worth It?

Professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne services takes the hassle out of moving. For commercial tenants like you, hiring a professional cleaning crew to handle the end of lease cleaning can be well worth the investment.

Rather than spending hours scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, and sanitizing an entire office space, professional cleaners have the proper training, equipment, and experience to complete the job efficiently. They are also adept at meeting the stringent requirements stipulated in most commercial leases regarding the conditions the space must be left in.

Professional cleaners use commercial-grade cleaning supplies and equipment designed specifically for office spaces, retail shops, medical clinics or whatever type of commercial space needs cleaning. They can clean carpets, upholstery, windows, vents, light fixtures, and hard-to-reach areas. They are skilled at cleaning break rooms, bathrooms, stairwells, elevators and parking garages.

For business owners and managers, hiring professionals to handle end of lease cleaning means valuable time can be spent on core business activities rather than cleaning. Staff can continue working right up until the move-out date without disruption. The cleaning crew will work around the schedule to clean thoroughly once the space has been vacated.

The cost of professional end of lease cleaning services depends on the size and condition of the space. For most commercial tenants, the cost is well worth it to ensure the space is left spotless, avoid lost security bonds, and make the move-out process as seamless as possible.


So, there you have it, the ultimate checklist for tackling end of lease commercial cleaning. By following these steps and leaving no stone unturned, commercial tenants can feel confident they’ll get their full security deposit back.

Spotless office space ready for the next occupants is the goal. While it may require some elbow grease, the reward of a smooth move-out and maximizing the return on your investment makes the effort worthwhile. 

With the right checklist and end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals by your side, you can ace the cleaning and move on to new beginnings with peace of mind and cash in hand. 

And if you haven’t found the right service provider yet, leave your cleaning worries on Clean to Shine. With years of experience and expertise in cleaning commercial spaces, we are your go-to option to ensure a spotless office. Contact our team today and see how we can get your full security deposit back!