Expert Tips to Prevent Unexpected Reduction from Tenant

If you are a tenant ready to vacate your existing property, make sure you use professional bond cleaning services to receive your bond money returned. Here’s where you can learn more about the service. Bond Cleaning is referred to as ‘exit cleaning’ in the literal sense. Cleaning the premises of the property in the presence of a real estate agent is part of the End of Lease Cleaning Services in Melbourne process. It is typically used to claim the bond deposit paid during the leasing of a property.

Tenants losing out on those tiny but critical blunders are most likely the reason why they do not receive their bond money back. Before opting to quit the house, homeowners should take some time to ensure that all sections of the property are well cleaned to avoid any unneeded bond reductions.

The Minor Things Matter A Lot When It Comes to Moving Out or Vacating Any Property!

1) Filters and Fans:

The most common misstep made by tenants is the use of filthy fans and filters. Exhaust fans, for example, are prone to dust, filth, and lint in greasy kitchens and bathing areas.

2) Dirty Glass Panels:

Tenants must wipe their glass panels using a clean cloth and a light cleaning solution or soap. These regions are prone to grime and filth collection over time, and they are a common source of tenancy bond reductions.

3) Dishwashers and Ovens:

Dishwashers and ovens should be cleaned on a regular basis as well, as they accumulate food splatter, crumbs, and grease, and oil.

Tiny food particles are frequently captured in the filters and internal trims. As a result, they appear unclean and unsanitary.

4) Dirt from Pets:

If a person has several pets, they must take additional care of every nook and cranny of the house, especially if they want to avoid tenancy deductions.

To avoid this, be sure to vacuum the entire floor and clean up any spills, pet hair, or other accumulated filth on the surface, as well as the door tracks and skirting boards.

5) Doors and Walls

Damages that aren’t considered wear and tear must be addressed with adequate maintenance. As a tenant, you are responsible for cleaning your doorknobs, light switches, wall surfaces, and interior doors. When the landlord arrives to check the home, all of this makes a tremendous impact.


The good news is that there is a plethora of End of Lease Cleaning Services in Melbourne companies ready to handle such clean-up jobs with a single phone call. They will provide excellent value for money and complete all clean-ups with high-quality equipment, tools, and materials.

However, if you want to be extra sure, you can study deeper into these service providers and figure out which one of them is the best fit for the clean-up. Customer reviews, cleaning packages, and work examples should all be checked out before deciding on the best alternative.

Hope you loved reading the above article and found it useful for your move out and getting bond money back, let us know the advice or issues that the tenant focuses on at the time of vacating the home in the comment section.